What Stands Between You and Your Greatness?

What Stands Between You and Your Greatness?

What Stands Between You and Your Greatness?

What Stands Between You and Your Greatness?What Stands Between You and Your Greatness?What Stands Between You and Your Greatness?

Sacred Contracts and More...

The More Beautiful World Your heart Knows is Possible

is the name of a wonderful book by Charles Eisenstein.  I found his work years ago and since have run a book circle to study his ideas and created a Meditative Experience to help us create our more beautiful world today.  I offer this experience to groups in my office and at gatherings and conferences.  I believe the next step to implementing inter-beingness in lieu of separation is to be able to imagine and experience it.  If  you have interest in joining a meditation or would like to know when events are offered sign up below.  There is currently a meditation being offered the second Thursday of each month.

Mandala Playshops

Are offered in my studio and at gatherings, yoga studios, private homes and conferences.    If you would like more information please visit my mandala page.  

Sacred Contracts, What are they? 

Your Sacred Contracts are the contracts you made before you incarnated is this lifetime to have the personality traits, or archetypes  that make you who you are.  Your archetypes are the reason you see the world the way you do.  They are why you believe as you do, feel the way you do and are motivated how you are. They are behind the patterns that keep emerging in your life.  Why did you choose your particular contracts?  So that you can experience what you need to experience in order to evolve.

Your sacred contracts permeate every part of your life and who you are in relationships.  Some of those relationships are life long and some may seem like a chance meeting, but they were all agreed to by you and the other souls involved to manifest in this lifetime for your benefit and growth.  When you realize that you chose your parents, children, siblings, lovers and friends for a particular experience and growth opportunity, you can forgive easily, because you ultimately realize that there is nothing to forgive.

Discovering and understanding your sacred contracts gives you a clear picture of what works for you and what does not.  To understand your archetypes is to get a clear picture of your chosen path, to see that you are in fact beautifully whole and powerful and to give up the resistance and let yourself choose the higher path in every situation, making your life flow with ease, instead of struggle. It is like being given the User's Manual to your life.

We all have twelve natal archetypes that most strongly influence us.  We have many more over our lifetime, but these twelve remain our guiding force, our allies in navigating our world.

Carl Jung not only introduced the mandala to the West, but he also worked heavily with archetypes which were recognized as far back as Plato's time. Caroline Myss has made them even more accessible with her beautiful work on sacred contracts. 

Some archetypes are very easily spotted, for instance the Mother archetype that can be nurturing and give unconditional love, or the Martyr, who  has the strength to suffer for others.  Who doesn't know a Damsel waiting to be rescued or a Queen with her natural power and positive authority?  Do you know a Warrior who fights for justice, a Rebel or how about a natural born Teacher?  There are hundreds of archetypes that have been identified and new ones showing up as we evolve.

Like everything in this world of seeming duality, there is a light side and a shadow side to each archetype and we are always somewhere on the continuum.  The nurturing, loving Mother can be oppressive and smothering when too far in the shadow.  The Martyr can be controlling and manipulative in the shadow but have the shining, uncompromising courage of her convictions in the light.  Our sacred archetypes are fascinating and they show us in no uncertain terms our divine path.

Once you have discovered your own Sacred Contracts, you can clearly see how they have worked in your life; where you have been in the shadow and where you have accessed the light.  Your repeating patterns make sense.  Your archetypes are your allies in negotiating the world.  They will always show you your higher path, the way to evolve. You can work with them to greatly improve your life experience.

I offer a Private Sacred Contract 2 hour, in depth, coaching session in which you will discover your twelve natal archetypes and how they have been influencing your life.  You will know where in your life they hold the biggest growth opportunities for you and how you can ally yourself with them to understand who you are and your highest path.  You will have a clear understanding of what it is you came to accomplish in this lifetime.

This session can be in person or over the phone.   I also offer couple and family sessions to discover how your contracts work together. 


Dear Susan,  

Since my Sacred Contracts session I've been feeling like a have a new lease on life.  For the first time ever, I feel like I finally have a copy of the itinerary for my life and I can't thank you enough! Yes, as you said, much of what came up was familiar (though I'd never thought of myself as a warrior!), but in a way that's part of the point.  I think it was so powerful to see the visual aspect of the cards, which I knew had been chosen supposedly at random by me, Plus hearing what all that means, and recognizing so many of the themes_somehow it all got through to me in a powerful way it never has before. I so look forward to our work together.  Who knows where it will lead?  




I felt like our time together was a great big hug from the universe saying: Go for it! You already know and there’s no reason to be afraid. We love you.

I’ve changed my thought process quite a bit since talking to you. I ask: what does this have to teach me? Looking at it that way is mind blowing. Suddenly the struggle stops inside and it’s ok…it’s an experience, not a problem.

So Susan, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are amazing at what you do.